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"Why Marchand's?...
We make friends. We make fun. We make memories. We tap-jazz-ballet-hip hop with confidence into our lives."

Jodi Pannizzo,
Rocky Point, NY

"Marchand's has helped my daughter learn how to be more independent while exploring the world of dance. The teachers are great. They feel like family."

Mt. Sinai, NY


All elements of Marchand's School of Dance are designed to maximize a student's ability to develop the skills needed to become strong, confident dancers. Our school offers an age-appropriate curriculum that affords students the opportunity to have fun and enjoy the learning process. No matter your age, we have a class designed for you!

These are the most important years of a child's dance growth. We will make sure your child's confidence, creativity and motor skills grow to their fullest in our dance program.

Designed to help the child develop a level of fitness as well as a passion for dance. It is very important that every dancer feels comfortable and that they belong!

We have a strong teen program. These dancers have a passion for dance that soars during these years. They sometimes go away to college but they always come back to be a part of the recital.

Marchand's School of Dance offers the following styles of dance:

Hip HopTapLyricalJazz
 Ballet Adult Tap 


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