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Our hope is that we can provide a class where EVERY child and adult can come and have the confidence to learn to dance.

From ages 2 to 70 our students are inspired and learn from our staff that all are welcome to dance.





Single Dancer
$67 per month 45min class
$87 per month - 1 and 1/2 hour class

$65 per month - 45min class
$85 per month - 1 and 1/2 hour class


• When a dancer has missed a class they are entitled to take a makeup class. This makeup class may be taken anytime during the year. The rate for the month will not change, please take advantage of makeup classes. The teacher in the class will welcome a dancer making up a class. 

• Due to inclement weather, it is our policy to cancel the morning classes if the local schools close. However, we usually open by the afternoon if the roads are clear. Please use your own good judgment if you are comfortable driving. You can make the class up any time throughout the year.

• All students must wear some form of dance wear, Only Dancewear, Any style and color is appropriate. 

• At Marchand's we dance together as a team, all personalities are accepted and welcomed. Within two months our teachers will know all of our dancers' names.

• Dance is an art, not a competitive sport. We perform, we don't compete.


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